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Summer school 2009

The summer school took place at July 15-17 2009 at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Villingen and at the ETh Zurich, Switzerland.


  • Modeling of compositional flow in coupled porous media – free flow domains (Rainer Helmig)

  • Water and energy exchange in hydrologic models: the case of evaporation from a soil profile (Jan Vanderborght)
  • Measurement of Water and energy fluxes (Dani Or)
  • Determination of hydromechanical parameters of soil (Wolfgang Durner)
  • Modeling of displacement fronts and front roughness (Insa Neuweiler)
  • CFD and lattice Boltzmann method - possibilities, limits and applications (Benjamin Ahrenholz)
  • Modeling of fluid interfaces by percolation models (Peter Lehmann)
  • Minkowski functions - reducing structural complexity to a meaningful set of numbers (Hans-Jörg Vogel)